Little Miss Laya is a feisty little girl with lots of character.  Sleeping was pretty much out of her agenda for the day….. so… let’s just say we had quite a bit of fun with her.

Sleeping like a lady…. or so we thought!

Love that double chin of hers 
Sweet Dreams girlie.  Yes Mommy,  I know she slept for hrs….after you left!  LOL!


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So….. my daughter decided, she ain’t so little anymore!  So she applied some make-up!  LOL!

My son was not to be left out of the action… so, in his coat & hat – minus shoes & socks…. he went about having a grand time on the floor.

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Wow!! We’ve launched our 2011 Winter Special with super smashing savings!

The special will be running through 02/28/2011 only , so call us fast to reserve an appointment.  This is a great opportunity for Upsherin, Family, Baby Pictures etc. that you’ve been wanting to do for the longest time.

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 Just having a fun session with my little one  yesterday.  Boy does he keep us laughing….

Caught in action!  A little performer.

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How do people make it through life without sisters?  - Good question.  The love & joy these two sisters expressed to each other, was simply beautiful to watch.

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