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I’m back!  Had a wonderful time in Montreal.  Just sharing some images from my photo walk with world renowned travel photographer Ken Kaminesky.

Ken, Thank You so much for taking the time off your busy schedule for this photo walk.


Nikon D600 – 24-120mm f/4 – 1/200 sec @ f/11 ISO 400


Nikon D600 – 24-120mm f/4 – 1/60 sec @ f/16 ISO 400



Nikon D600 – 24-120mm f/4 – 1/500 sec @ f/8.0  ISO 400


Nikon D600 – 24-120mm f/4 – 1/2000 sec @ f/7.1 ISO 400


Nikon D600 – 24-120mm f/4 – 1/1000 sec @ f/8.0 ISO 400


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Here are a couple more of the Brooklyn Bridge.  Enjoy looking.

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Took a walk on the Brooklyn Bridge the other day.  The view from high up is really, really beautiful.  Check out some of these images of the Bridge & the view from there.Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan SkylineDowntown Brooklyn through the bridge ropesView to the street below from the Brooklyn Bridge

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Took a trip down to the Southside SeaPort , in NYC.  What a beautiful place.  These images were so beautiful that I felt they called for B/W.  What do you think?


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I’ve had some fun processing these two images.  I liked them so much, I felt they called for something different than my typical processing.

The first image is showing a beautiful artwork drawn onto a building.  The artwork is supposed to look so real, that it looks three dimensional.  Take a look at this “Tromp-l’oeil”

Here’s another fun one

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