Took a trip down to the Southside SeaPort , in NYC.  What a beautiful place.  These images were so beautiful that I felt they called for B/W.  What do you think?


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Back to the Highline. Couple more shots.

Night begins to fall on the Highline.  Take a look at the beautiful lights coming from the surrounding buildings.

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I’ve had some fun processing these two images.  I liked them so much, I felt they called for something different than my typical processing.

The first image is showing a beautiful artwork drawn onto a building.  The artwork is supposed to look so real, that it looks three dimensional.  Take a look at this “Tromp-l’oeil”

Here’s another fun one

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So I’ve taken a real liking to street photography.  So many different moments & little things you can see.  Take a look here at the streets of our very own New York.

This picture was taken in a park called The High Line.  This was an old railroad track that was converted into a park.  The history of this park is really very very interesting, check it out here  The view from there to down below is really beautiful & the park itself is quite amazing.  Here’s one I got of anther photographer leaning down to get an image of the people sitting on the steps – soaking in the view of NYC.

A delivery guy out on his route.

An interesting little tidbit…


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I took a trip back home last week & as always went to visit one of my favorite places – “The Old Port”  in downtown Montreal.  A most beautiful area – with cobblestone, beautiful architectural buidings etc. right in the heart of Canada.  Here are some of my favorite images taken that day.









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