With Rosh Hashana right around the corner, we were hired to shoot some challah breads complete with a baking kitchen environment.

I looked into hiring a food stylist as I felt this would really benefit from a lady’s touch…. Alas, the styler I hired had an emergency the morning of the shoot & wasn’t able to be there.  So my wife was kind enough to offer her services….   I must say I was rather pleased with the results.


Challah-WW-DSC_2157 (1)


Pull back shot of the studio.

1 light behind translucent paper with barn doors

1 soft box lighting the background ( baking environment )

1 bare strip box on top of the challah bread

2 bare lights with 20″ grids – 1 as the main & 1 for fill.


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Yummm, the cookies looked so good, just had to have a glass of milk with it.


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Cool off in this hot steamy weather with one of our cool delicous drinks, take your pick!


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It’s Monday morning…. need to gear up for a long week ahead!  Have some freshly brewed coffee, it’ll do you a load of good!

Here’s the empty cup, just waiting to be filled

The cup is now filled with the coffee beans…. all ready to be brewed.

Milk’s prepared in the glass.Do you take it black?

Or with milk?

Oh good!  That coffee did me good.


Have a great day!

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Food, food, food.  With Purim just around the corner that’s all everyone can think of.  Well here are some food shots that will get you drooling…..
I’m not a sushi fan, but supposedly there is some really cool stuff here, like Spider Roll, & Kami Salad.  Any takers?? 

Banana, Kiwi, Mango, Berries… Yummy flavors

The Deli Dept. looked really appetizing.  If only it wouldn’t have been an early morning shoot, I would’ve helped myself to some goodies.
And here’s the final version that the graphics designer sent me. 
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