My little boy.  The countdown has begun……. He’s almost “3″ already.  I can’t believe it.

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Never tried a black background before.  Decided to give it a shot.  I think these came out rather nice.

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So….. my daughter decided, she ain’t so little anymore!  So she applied some make-up!  LOL!

My son was not to be left out of the action… so, in his coat & hat – minus shoes & socks…. he went about having a grand time on the floor.

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 Just having a fun session with my little one  yesterday.  Boy does he keep us laughing….

Caught in action!  A little performer.

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Little Shloimy has grown up quite a bit…… and though he loves to see all of the photography equipment, the meters, flashes, lights, props, camera etc.  he no longer likes to be photographed.  Oh well,  come what may he still makes us laugh.

Check these out.

oh boy!!!  He was totally giddy!  What a boy! 

At first he wouldn’t even look at the camera.

with a bit of coaxing & promises of some good lollipops ( his favorite) after the session …. we finally got him to look at the camera.

     then he really started acting up & started dancing on the chair.  What a sight!
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