Just love these little curls on his head….

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What a cute family we had in the studio.

Mazel Tov on the Upsherin & Loads of Nachas!

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Did a Bar Mitzvah event recently of some beautiful children.  They were a pleasure to deal with.

Mazal Tov! & Loads of Nachas.


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Little E. came to us for his upsherin pictures.  What a cute little boy! – He did everything we asked of him……. well….. almost everything….

Look…… I think we squeezed out a 1/2 smirk……
Ok, mommy…. how much longer am I gonna have to be here??????

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Little S. came to us for his Upsherin pictures.  What a beautiful little boy.   Mazel Tov! to his upsherin & loads of Nachas from all of them.


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